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2017 Legislative Review 105th Legislature – First session

The Nebraska Legislature is adjourned for the 2017 session. Legislation that is not indefinitely postponed will carry over to next year. There are several interim studies that will be summarized soon.

Highlights for AIA NE

Taxation on Architectural or Interior Design Services: Legislation did not get out of Committee. AIA Nebraska teamed with Nebraska organizations in opposition.

Taxation for Historical Credit: Escaped several attempts to be terminated or sunset earlier.

TIF: Debate relating to shortage of housing in Nebraska. One to watch next year – LB 496 – Cities of the first and second class and villages could include the construction of single–family or multi–family housing as part of a TIF redevelopment project. Municipalities would be required to conduct a housing study and determine that the plan would prevent the spread of blight and substandard conditions and would not result in the unjust enrichment of any individual or company.

State Budget: Governor Ricketts had many budget reductions to the original budget which all survived veto attempts by the Legislature. The Nebraska budget is nearly $9 billion in General Fund spending over the next two fiscal years, a growth of 1%.


Extension of Sales Tax to Architectural Services

Three Bills we are monitoring became Law:

LB9 Adopts the Radon Resistant New Construction Act, which establishes a task force (including an architect) to work on the issue of radon resistant construction standards over the next year and subsequently makes recommendations to the Legislature. SUPPORT
LB97 Gives municipalities the ability to create, by the adoption of an ordinance, a Riverfront Development District and a Riverfront Development Authority to oversee and manage the district. Riverfront Development Districts are a tool that can be used by municipalities to effectively fund, manage, and promote strategic municipal economic development and tourism efforts on riverfronts across the state. SUPPORT
LB590 Amends the state building code to bring occupancy classifications relating to in-home daycares and in-home care into alignment with current childcare regulations promulgated by the Department of Health and Human Services. LB 590 also clarifies the ability of state agencies to adopt, promulgate, or enforce rules and regulations in conflict with the state building code when specifically authorized by statute to do so. Emergency Clause – Becomes law immediately. MONITOR

Legislation to watch in 2018.

Please note the AIA NE Government Affairs Committee has taken positions on the following bills.

LB95 Change provisions relating to the Community Development Law and tax-increment financing. MONITOR
LB96 Provide an eligible activity for assistance from the Site and Building Development Fund as prescribed.General File. MONITOR
LB126 Change sunset dates under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act and the Nebraska Advantage Act. OPPOSE
LB272 Change procedures for tax credits under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act. SUPPORT
LB299 Adopt the Occupational Board Reform Act and change procedures for rules and regulations. OPPOSE
LB312 Change and eliminate revenue and taxation provisions. OPPOSE
LB364 Change and eliminate licensure, regulation, and penalty provisions under the Professional Landscape Architects Act. SUPPORT
LB373 Change and eliminate revenue and taxation provisions. MONITOR; Planning Committee's priority
LB379 Create the Willa Cather Historical Building Cash Fund and provide for a transfer of funds. SUPPORT
LB387 Change and eliminate provisions relating to various tax credit programs and economic development activities. MONITOR
LB412 Provide duties for the state investment officer relating to investment in energy-related companies or funds. MONITOR
LB443 Adopt the Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit Act. MONITOR
LB445 Prohibit lobbyist-provided meals and beverages for legislators during session in the State Capitol. MONITOR
LB452 Impose sales tax on services and change income tax rates and personal exemption amounts. OPPOSE
LB467 Change provisions relating to certain tax incentive programs. OPPOSE
LB475 Change the application deadline under the Nebraska Job Creation and Mainstreet Revitalization Act. OPPOSE
LB482 Adopt the Government Neutrality in Contracting Act. General File. SUPPORT
LB546 Change the Nebraska Advantage Act. MONITOR
LB557 Adopt the Great Opportunities Nebraska Act. MONITOR
LB563 Impose sales tax on certain services and eliminate certain sales tax exemptions. OPPOSE
LB591 Provide for enforcement of building codes under the Contractor Registration Act. MONITOR
LB616 Adopt the Startup Nebraska Program Act and provide an exemption from income, sales, and use taxes. MONITOR

Provide for an extreme weather preparedness task force and strategic action plan. SUPPORT


AIA Nebraska Government Affairs Committee

Chair, Lowell Berg, AIA | The Clark Enersen Partners | Lincoln
James Brisnehan, AIA | Cannon Moss Brygger Architects | Grand Island
Richard Burton, AIA | City of Lincoln | Lincoln
Dave Johnson, AIA | Studio 951 | Lincoln
Matthew Gulsvig, Associate AIA | HBA | Omaha
Melinda Pearson, FAIA | Omaha
Greg Smith, AIA | Davis Design | Lincoln
Matt Stoffel, AIA | HDR | Omaha


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