ENTRY  Mead Atlas Readiness Center

LOCATION  Mead, Nebraska

OWNER  Army National Guard

FIRM  RDG Planning & Design


The project site was formerly home to missile launching facilities, the history of which became influential in the conceptual development of this new facility. Military themes are employed in the design to add richness to each of the spaces. Pattern, texture and layering techniques are borrowed from military examples and re-imagined in the design. Light and shadow become a primary tool for communicating these ideas spatially, and color is used to recall familiar military motifs.

Jury Comments: A clever example of artfully considered defensive architecture. The dappled light effect of the digi-camo pattern line of sight defense on interior space is both brilliant camouflage and spatial poetry, fitting the mission of the organization without seeming contrived. The fabrication and installation of the metal panels is impeccable.