ENTRY  Hexad

LOCATION  Lincoln, Nebraska

OWNER  Withheld by Owner

FIRM  Min | Day


Hexad (“a set of six”) is a caretaker’s house for a private estate in a sculpture garden. Where the main house follows a neo-Palladian model of clear circulation axes organizing distinct programmed areas, Hexad programs the axes themselves. The 832s.f. building separates the basic functions of home (Living, Eating, Bathing, and Sleeping) into 4 160s.f. wings oriented to the cardinal points established by the existing site plan – a miniaturized Jeffersonian Grid. The remaining two axes – up and down – provide supplementary spaces for Viewing the property (the tower) and Dreaming (a lower level with the primary entrance and a view to the sky through the tower.

Jury Comments: Interesting approach to reinterpret a Palladian Villa within a Jefferson grid landscape. It is witty and artful yet considerate of the necessary function of a small dwelling.