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Special Update: AIA Nebraska Repositioning

To create ONE AIA chapter in Nebraska, with three sections: Omaha, Lincoln, and Western Nebraska.


After a year of study and exploration by the AIA Nebraska Board of Directors, and leadership of AIA Omaha, AIA Lincoln and AIA Western Nebraska, a proposed new structure is being unveiled in accordance with AIA National repositioning. This reorganization helps us streamline, so that we may offer more services and benefits to our members while facilitating additional collaboration between our statewide network of AIA members.

This matter has been discussed and supported by each chapter's (Omaha, Lincoln and Western Nebraska) board of directors. The simplified structure is a decision that was made after input from leaders of Nebraska's local chapters, research from around the country on how other chapters are reorganizing and advice from our legal expert. The result of diverse ideas and challenging questions is a proposed organization that will be stronger at both the State and Local levels, providing a platform for growth that will allow us to lead the nation in providing new and exciting ways to serve our members and represent our profession.

In conjunction with AIA National repositioning efforts, effective in 2016 AIA state and local chapters are required to meet certain core member services and become accredited for a three-year period. AIA Nebraska has met the accreditation requirements. Core member services required for accreditation include: member communications, quality education and access to education, advocacy, elevation of public awareness, compliance with governance policies, engaging and recruiting members, and conducting finances and operations with transparency.

  Photo: AIA Nebraska Certificate of Accredidation  

Proposed New Structure: LEADERSHIP

Each Section will be structured much in the same way the chapters are today; each Section will have an elected Board of Directors and executive leadership.

AIA Nebraska Board of Directors will be comprised of representatives from each of the three sections.

The AIA Nebraska Nominations Committee will be comprised of representatives from each section.

AIA Nebraska will be the administrative vehicle of the organization. In this role, the Nebraska Executive Committee will absorb the fiduciary responsibilities for all sections. Assuming responsibility for accounting services for the entire state (i.e., collecting annual budgets from each of the sections, completing all of the required financial, organizational and tax reporting; processing invoices and providing insurance).

Proposed New Structure: MEMBER FOCUS

Sections are able to focus their efforts on member services. No paperwork requirements with the IRS, State of Nebraska or AIA National.

New structure will provide AIA NE members with a more streamlined organization and allow sections the ability to spend more time on programs, while also gaining more support resources.

Proposed New Structure: FUNDING

Members will make one payment for their state and local (section) dues.

AIA Nebraska: $226 + $70 (local section ) = $296 + Natl $265 = $561.00

Associate Nebraska: $67 + $55 (local section) = $122 + Natl $114 = $248.00

The sections will still have control to their existing funds and beginning in 2017 receive half of member dues to continue lectures and other programming. The other half will be specifically utilized for meeting core member services and having a greater presence.

Check out power point with more detailed information.

Next Steps:

    August 18, 2016 - AIA Nebraska Executive Committee Majority vote in affirmative to recommend members support the following:
    • Modernization of AIA Nebraska bylaws
    • New Articles of Incorporation - Revising name from AIA NE, A Society Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
    • Plan of Merger between AIA Nebraska, Omaha, Lincoln, and Western NE
    Upcoming Board of Directors meetings of AIA Omaha, AIA Lincoln, AIA Western To be Voted Upon:
    • Plan of merger between AIA Nebraska and respective local chapter.
    September 30, 2016 - AIA Nebraska Membership Meeting
    • Quorum requirement - 10% of current membership.
    • Approving vote - requires "two-thirds of the votes cast or a majority of the voting power, whichever is less."
    • To be voted upon:
      • Modernization of AIA Nebraska bylaws - See attached
      • New Articles of Incorporation - Revising name from AIA NE, A Society Chapter of the American Institute of Architects - See attached
      • Plan of Merger between AIA Nebraska, Omaha, Lincoln, and Western NE
    Following the AIA NE Membership meeting, The Chapters may caucus and vote on the plan of merger in conjunction with the AIA Nebraska Membership meeting or at their annual membership meeting.

Pending Approval: New structure effective January 1, 2017.

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